This photo-diagram, based on diagram issued by Army Air Force on August 9, 1945, locates areas damaged in Japanese homeland city of Hiroshima by first atomic bomb dropped by U.S. Army Air Forces. Large circle is drawn on diameter of 19,000 feet. Shaded areas indicate devastates sectors, according to information based on intelligence reports. Key to numbers, with percentage of total destruction where available: 1- Army Transport Base -25 percent, 2- Army Ordnance Depot,3- Army Food Depot-35 percent, 4- Army Clothing Depot -85 percent, 5- E. Hiroshima RR Station -30 percent, 6- Unidentified Industry -90 percent, 7- Sumitomo Rayon Plant -25 percent, 8- Kinkwa Rayon Mill -10 percent, 9- Teikoku Textile Mill-100 percent, 10- Power Plant -?, 12- Electric RR power Station -100 percent, 13- Electric Power Generator-100 percent, 14- Telephone Company-100 percent, 15- Gas Works -100 percent, 16- Hiroshima RR Station -100 percent, 17- Unidentified RR Station-100 percent, 18- Bridge, debris loaded, intact, 19- Bridge, one-fourth missing, 20- Large bridge, shattered, intact, 21- Bridge, large hole, west side, 22- Bridge, intact, banks caved in, 23- Bridge, intact, debris covered, 24- Both bridges intact, 25- Bridge, destroyed, 26- Bridge, severely damaged, 27-Bridge destroyed, 28-Bridge, shattered, inoperative, 29- Bridge, intact, slight damage, 30- Bridge, intact, severely damaged. (AP Photo)

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