This image made from security camera footage released by Sri Lanka police, Friday, Nov. 30, 2007, shows a female suicide bomber identified by police as 24-year-old Sujatha Vagawanam, on a mission to kill a Sri Lankan Cabinet minister. Vagawanam, center left, standing, lifting her right hand, wearing a yellow sari and a white shawl, calmly walked into a small waiting room at the Colombo offices of Social Services Minister Douglas Devananda on Wednesday, the day he sets aside to hear complaints from members of the public. Sujatha Vagawanam, is seen here sitting in front of a desk and answered questions from Devananda’s 72-year-old aide Steven Peiris, bottom left, After nearly a minute and a half, he began gesturing for her to sit down in a nearby cluster of white plastic chairs, apparently to await a security check. She then stood up facing Peiris, reached her right hand to her right shoulder to grab something and exploded. Peiris and the bomber were both killed. (AP Photo/Sri Lanka Police via AP Televison News)

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