Petros Giannakouris’ Greece Migrant Crisis Instagram Takeover

This week, AP staff photographer based in Greece Petros Giannakouris took over our Instagram feed with photos from Europe’s migrant crisis. 

During Europe’s refugee crisis, more than a million people landed in this country, their first stop after reaching the continent. For many it was the last: Hundreds drowned while crossing from Turkey, and tens of thousands were trapped here by border closures. It’s a story filled with emotion and one of overwhelming scale.

Refugees haven’t crossed Europe in such numbers since World War II and many of the scenes we witnessed looked like they might have come from that era. Desperate and escaping war, families were packed into unsafe boats, slept rough, walked for endless miles, were crammed into rail carriages like cattle, and dealt with the indecision of a continent that opted to welcome them before scrambling to keep them out.


The European refugee crisis is a story that left few who covered it unaffected.













Photographer Bio

Petros Giannakouris was born in Athens in 1974 and studied at the College of Applied Photography in Athens.

He has worked as a professional photojournalist since 1995, as a staffer for several newspapers and local news agencies, before joining the Associated Press in 2003. 

He has covered a wide range of major stories in Greece including the country’s financial turmoil and refugee crisis, as well as being sent on multiple assignments that include the War in Iraq (2007-2009), and the aftermath of the Israel-Hezbollah war in Lebanon in 2006, along with several major international sporting events. 

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