Compton’s Cowboys

Photos by Richard Vogel

Long before NWA put the place on the map as the birthplace of gangsta rap and its streets echoed with the sounds of drive-by gunfire, Compton was a cowboy town. And it still is. Continue reading “Compton’s Cowboys”

Evicted at Trailer Park “Paradise,” Residents Seek New Homes

Photos by Lynne Sladky

At first glance, the 15-acre Little Farm trailer park in El Portal, Florida, looks like a rundown neighborhood in need of a face-lift. But to the residents, many of them Hispanic and Haitian immigrants, this close-knit community was home.
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Pictures of the Week

Highlights from the weekly AP photo report, a gallery featuring a mix of front-page photography, the odd image you might have missed and lasting moments our editors think you should see. Continue reading “Pictures of the Week”

Thai Farmers Launch (Bee) Sting Operation to Stop Elephants

Photos by Gemunu Amarasinghe

To stop wild elephants from rampaging through their produce, farmers in Thailand put up electric fences, set off firecrackers and even switched their crops from pineapples to pumpkins, which the pachyderms don’t relish much. Nothing worked, so the villagers decided on Plan Bee.
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In Brazil’s Amazon, Worship with Psychedelic Tea

Photos by Eraldo Peres

Canoes slide through a narrow river, dodging branches and trees for more than four hours to reach a tiny village deep in the Amazon jungle of western Brazil. Continue reading “In Brazil’s Amazon, Worship with Psychedelic Tea”

Cuban Cattle Country Keeps Up Rodeo Traditions

Photos by Ramon Espinosa

In the Cuban countryside, many children learn to ride a horse before they tackle a bicycle. Continue reading “Cuban Cattle Country Keeps Up Rodeo Traditions”

Police, Soldiers Swarm Mexico’s Acapulco, Killings Continue

Photos by Enric Marti

Along with beach towels or sandals, there’s a new popular beach accessory that says a lot about the violence gripping this once-glamorous resort: a small black leather tote hanging from the neck or shoulders of some men. It’s not a man-bag, exactly; it holds a small pistol. Continue reading “Police, Soldiers Swarm Mexico’s Acapulco, Killings Continue”