World Refugee Day

Imagine the entire population of Britain uprooted: The U.N. refugee agency says just over that number — 65 million people — were displaced worldwide by the end of last year, easily setting a new postwar record, as it warned that European and other rich nations can expect the tide to continue if root causes aren’tContinue reading “World Refugee Day”

Syrian Refugee Children Labor in Turkish Factories

Photos by Lefteris Pitarakis & Text by Berza Simsek On any given summer day, the hot sun glares down on the streets of Gaziantep, a Turkish city on the border with Syria. Inside stifling garment and shoe workshops, Syrian refugee children are hard at work, sewing machines buzzing in the background.

Muhammad Ali Welcomed All to Pennsylvania Training Camp

He called himself “The Greatest,” but Muhammad Ali was humble, friendly and eminently approachable whenever he came to this out-of-the-way spot in northeastern Pennsylvania to train throughout the 1970s.

Kenyan Police are Under Investigation Because of an AP Photo

AP’s chief photographer and acting bureau chief for East Africa Ben Curtis was in Nairobi covering demonstrations against Kenya’s electoral commission when he witnessed police kicking and beating fleeing protestors with wooden clubs. One image captured the brutality so vividly that Kenya’s police chief has called for an internal investigation.

Born a Refugee

Photos by Petros Giannakouris The women walked across the Syrian border into Turkey heavily pregnant, crossed the Aegean Sea in perilous journeys that risked their own lives and those of the babies they carried, because they dreamed of their children being born in a better world — in a peaceful, prosperous country in central or northernContinue reading “Born a Refugee”

Spain’s Bread Procession of the Saint

Photos by Alvaro Barrientos Every year during spring season, ”Las Doncellas” (White Virgins), hold a basket on their head covered with white cloth while they walk along this old village in Santo Domingo de La Calzada, northern Spain.

Indonesian Sulfur Miners Brave Volcano, Fumes, Earn Pennies

Photos by Binsar Bakkara Stunning Mount Ijen in eastern Java draws tourists by day and hundreds of sulfur miners by night. They endure toxic fumes and backbreaking loads to earn pennies hauling out a substance used to bleach sugar and vulcanize rubber.