Compton’s Cowboys

Photos by Richard Vogel

Long before NWA put the place on the map as the birthplace of gangsta rap and its streets echoed with the sounds of drive-by gunfire, Compton was a cowboy town. And it still is. Continue reading “Compton’s Cowboys”

Colombia’s Rebel Portraits

Photos by Fernando Vergara

Traveling deep inside the jungle after a daylong boat journey, I arrived with trepidation and mistrust at the secret camp of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. Continue reading “Colombia’s Rebel Portraits”

After 15 Years, Last Artifacts of 9/11 Have Been Given Away

Behind the barbed wire, the white minivan’s busted windows and crumpled roof hint at its story. But forklifted to this windblown spot on the John F. Kennedy International Airport tarmac, between a decommissioned 727 and an aircraft hangar, it’s doubtful passing drivers notice it at all.

Continue reading “After 15 Years, Last Artifacts of 9/11 Have Been Given Away”

Hajj Pilgrimage 2016

Photos by Nariman El-Mofty

Muslim pilgrims have begun arriving at the holiest sites in Islam ahead of the annual hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia, with some weeping with their hands outstretched for a fleeting touch of the Kaaba. Continue reading “Hajj Pilgrimage 2016”

The Last Lightkeeper

Photos by Elise Amendola

The nation’s first and oldest lighthouse station and its unique keeper are celebrating a milestone. Continue reading “The Last Lightkeeper”

Venezuela Pets Go Hungry As Economic Crisis Deepens

Photos by Fernando Llano, Text by Fabiola Sanchez

Carlos Parra used to love waking up to see his pet albino boxer, Nina. Continue reading “Venezuela Pets Go Hungry As Economic Crisis Deepens”

Colombia Rebels At Ease

Photographs by Fernando Vergara

It could be a sandlot soccer field almost anywhere in rural Colombia: flattened earth carved from the jungle with lopsided goalposts made of tree trunks painted the colors of the country’s flag. Continue reading “Colombia Rebels At Ease”