Venezuela Pets Go Hungry As Economic Crisis Deepens

Photos by Fernando Llano, Text by Fabiola Sanchez Carlos Parra used to love waking up to see his pet albino boxer, Nina.

Presidential Pets

Today is National Pet Day. We are celebrating our animal friends with a look back at pets that have lived in the White House.

Romania’s International Feline Beauty Competition

Photos by Vadim Ghirda More than 250 cats, from Devon Rex kittens to Maine Coon cats, entered Romania’s international cat show which took place in the capital city of Bucharest.

Feline Fans Prove Who’s The Cat’s Meow at CatConLA

Photos by Jae C. Hong Their cat tails wagging and whiskers twitching, feline fans, some in shirts emblazoned with “Check Meowt,” chattered about their “purrfect” pets as they waited in line for hours for a selfie with a kitty celebrity.

Unusual Animal Friends

The animal kingdom is full of surprises, and from time to time, strong bonds form between species. With this in mind, we looked through our photo archive and found a wide variety of unlikely animal friendships throughout the years.