Colombia’s Rebel Portraits

Photos by Fernando Vergara Traveling deep inside the jungle after a daylong boat journey, I arrived with trepidation and mistrust at the secret camp of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia.

Colombia Rebels At Ease

Photographs by Fernando Vergara It could be a sandlot soccer field almost anywhere in rural Colombia: flattened earth carved from the jungle with lopsided goalposts made of tree trunks painted the colors of the country’s flag.

Colombia’s Coca Paste

Photos by Rodrigo Abd In bright green Andean mountains wrapped in clouds, a country family produces the coca paste that is used to make cocaine at a humble home in territory controlled by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or the FARC.

Wayuu Indigenous Tribe Struggles for Survival

Photos by Fernando Vergara Sadness surrounded Gladis Fatima’s mud house. Three days before, her 14-year-old daughter died and a doctor’s certificate showed why: severe malnutrition led to sores in the girl’s mouth that prevented her from swallowing the vitamins and minerals doctors had prescribed.