Pope To Visit Mexico Prison

Photos by Dario Lopez-Mills The cold, dust-blown prison yard where inmates are welding a new steel bell tower for the Feb. 17 visit of Pope Francis is a microcosm of the changes that have brought hope to the once-infernal border city of Ciudad Juarez, both inside and outside the walls.

Mexico Disappeared By Police

Photos by Dario Lopez-Mills Carlos Sanchez and his family had nearly completed the harrowing drive, hurtling along a dark and dangerous highway out of the mountains to a hospital when they collided with a state police truck parked across the highway lights out.

Mexico’s Other Disappeared

Photos by Dario Lopez-Mills The convoy of gunmen fanned out across the southern Mexico municipality of Cocula before dawn. Some carried names and blasted their way into homes. Others simply swept up whoever crossed their paths. Seventeen people vanished from Cocula on that single day, July 1, 2013 — more than a year before the disappearanceContinue reading “Mexico’s Other Disappeared”

Mexican Heroin Trade

Photos by Dario Lopez-Mills Red and purple blossoms with fat, opium-filled bulbs blanket the remote creek sides and gorges of the Filo Mayor mountains in the southern state of Guerrero.

Worldview: Mexico Daily Life

For today’s installment of AP’s Worldview: Daily Life series, we focus on Mexico.