Baseball Spring Training

Major League Baseball’s spring training is underway, attracting crowds of devoted fans to the warm climates of Arizona and Florida. Spring training begins in mid-February and ends just before Opening Day of the regular season. 

Bolivia Grandmothers’ Handball

Photos by Juan Karita Dozens of traditional Aymara grandmothers ease many of the aches and pains of aging by practicing a sport that is decidedly untraditional in Bolivia — team handball.

70th Anniversary of Joe Rosenthal’s Iwo Jima

On Feb. 23, 1945, a 33-year-old Associated Press photographer who had been rejected from the Army because of poor eyesight took a photograph that would ultimately become one of the most recognizable and reproduced images in history.

Oscars’ Memorable Moments

The Oscars, or Academy Awards, dates back to 1929, when the first ceremony honoring excellence in film was held at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

Philippines’ New Year Dancers

Photos by Aaron Favila Amid the deafening drumbeats and firecracker blasts, the dragon snakes into a building in downtown Manila while three lion heads bob to the crowd’s delight.

Spanish, Portuguese Towns Celebrate Carnival

The wild and colorful costumes and masquerades that precede the Christian season of Lent have created popular festival traditions in Spain and Portugal.

Daily Life Roundup

For this week’s installment of AP’s Daily Life series, we feature photography from all over the world: A Kayan-Padaung woman weaves at a souvenir shop in Myanmar, an Orthodox clergyman blesses newly weds during a religious ceremony in Georgia, and Philadelphia firefighters work the scene of an overnight blaze.